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Intern & Volunteer Opportunities


Join us at Extreme Family Outreach (EFO) Internship or Volunteer program and learn what it takes to make a difference in the life of a child. 
Every semester we get many inquires from people all over wanting to make a differance. The wealth of information and experiences interns and volunteers take home only rivals what they leave behind.  Interns and volunteers are critical to EFO.  There is no way we could accomplish all we do each semester without them.  Reaching children who have few choices in life, and often fewer people in life who care about them, interns and volunteers act as the eyes and ears for them.  They become the arms that reach out and embrace kids.  They become the heart that offers these kids a lifeline of hope.

What is it?
EFO is an intense, 12-week urban street program that takes you inside of the world of children and their familes, in the HEART of their communities.  This program will challenge you to a level you never knew existed as you work in the trenches, learning the principles of transforming lives and ensuring positive futures.

What will I gain?
Interns and volunteers will experience a lifestyle that promotes personal growth and character.  Producing results and changing lives, yours and the people you're trying to reach.

When can I participate?
EFO operates two, 12-week internship/volunteer semesters.  The Spring semester runs from mid March to mid June.  The Fall semester begins early August and concludes just before Christmas.

What's next?
Read Volunteer Policy and fill out application and mail to 801 C. Philadelphia Road, Joppa, MD  21085

volunteer application


Volunteer Policy

The distrubing traumatic rise of physical and sexual abuse of children has claimed the attention of our nation and society.  The following policies reflect our commitment to provide protective care of all children, youth and volunteers who participate in the EFO sponsored activities
       1)   Adults who have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse should not 
             volunteer service in any EFO sponsored activity or program for children or youth. 
       2)   Adult survivors of childhood sexual or physical abuse need the love and acceptance of 
             this outreach.  Individuals who have such a history should discuss their desire to work
             with children with one of the staff prior to engaging in volunteer services. 
       3)   Adult volunteers should observe the "two adult" rule.  This requires that adults are
              never alone with children without an adult partner. 
       4)   Adult volunteers should immediately report any behavior which seems abusive or 
             inappropriate to a EFO staff member. 
       5)   Adult volunteers that transport any equipment or supplies must have a valid driver's 
       6)   Adult volunteers are asked for information on all previous work involving children.
       7)   Volunteers must provide a minimum of two personal references. 
       8)   All volunteers are subject to personal and criminal background checks.

What will I be doing next?
A variety of different services that take place on the following days: 
         -   Tuesday's  3:30pm - 6:30pm 
         -   Wednesday's  3:00pm - 8:30pm 
         -   Thursday's 3:30pm -  6:30pm
          -   Visit food bank to pick up food to distribute at each after-school site 
          -   Pack up equipment for after-school programs into vehicles
          -   Unload and set up at location sites and break down and repack for next site
          -   Be part of our team during the after-school program 
                      -   Registration 
                      -   Recreation 
                      -   Music & Dance 
                      -   Teaching 
                      -    Organize Game 
                      -   Tarp Patrol
                      -   Prize Give Away 
                      -   Bag up Groceries and Distribute 
                      -    Visitation Team (going to the homes of the children, building relationships)